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Development of Auto-dyadic Story Reading App

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July 2022 ~ Present
Personal Robots Group,
MIT Media Lab
Development of Auto-dyadic Story Reading App

Research Topics
# parent-child-robot interaction # app development # Unity # ROS


The goal of this sub-project is to design a system that would allow dyads to open a story app and do dyadic co-reading sessions without any human supervision. The audiovisual recordings will start recording automatically, and the interaction log data on how dyads use the story app will also be logged. Then, after a session is done, all the data will be uploaded automatically.

Dyadic vs Triadic Interaction

This system is different from Triadic sessions, as Triadic sessions will be triggered by a human experimenter in the background. The dyad also needs to schedule a Triadic session in advance with the experimenter. In a triadic session, all the recording and interaction start manually by the experimenter. In the Dyadic sessions, dyads can do the session any time they want without scheduling sessions with the experimenter. This sub-project is to make this happen.